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Check it.  Let me know which of these strikes your fancy or if you'd like to see a small change anywhere.  I don't want to come off as that quirky crazy third uncle who always has some hair-brained idea, but I think these are cool and I think you do too.  Not looking to make a crazy amount of money, I just think it's rad to have my ideas come to fruition.

Just a quick FYI - while things get off the ground, I am going to use 'print on demand' shops... so my selection of tees/tanks/colors is a little limited.  If anything picks up I will pursue printing these in batches to open up some more choices.  At the request of one of the... ambassadors... these are ALL triblend clothes.  Ladies' racerback tanks have more color selection than the unisex/male versions.

Click to zoom.

Field disturbance tank-

Maze tank-

Gravity distortion tank-

Beta Spray tank-

Gamer tee-

Betamax tee-

Logo Squared-

Bionic tank-

Daily Pinches tee-

Blueprint tees-

For the laaadies-

For the bruhs-

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